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Welcome to Prairie Creek, Arkansas, a small but charming town situated in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Here, you can experience the beauty of nature while enjoying the comfort of a luxurious hotel stay. For those looking for some extra pampering and relaxation during their stay, Prairie Creek is home to a number of hotels with Jacuzzis in the room. These hotels offer all the amenities of a traditional hotel, such as plush beds, spacious rooms, and modern facilities, as well as the added benefit of a private Jacuzzi. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or just a cozy place to stay, Prairie Creek's hotels with Jacuzzis in the room have something for everyone. Read on to learn more about these unique accommodations and find the perfect hotel for your next stay in Prairie Creek. Note: not all hotel rooms shown here have Jacuzzi in room – always double check which rooms have Jacuzzi before making a reservation.

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